Ky iTunes U

KY iTunes U

Thank you for participating in the session.  The below (rough) outline and resource links will serve as a launch point for the activities we will be getting into today.  This session focuses on iTunes U in your classroom & creating and distributing powerful digital content.

Description: This session is intended for a broad spectrum of iTunes users, from beginner and novice users to expert and daily users. In this session we will explore content that is already available on iTunes U from Kentucky providers and around the world. We will also dive in to creating and distributing teacher created content (audio, video, pdf, and ePub) to your students and the rest of the world. (This session is applicable to all; any teacher can utilize iTunesU in their classroom. Secondary teachers can find added value in the ability to host their content and deliver it to students via this tool for consumption on the iPad.)


Resources & Link 

Getting started and Intro:  (poll  |  launch iTunes  | launch kyedtech.com)

  • Getting to REALLY know iTunes | 15 min.  (navigation, different devises, and more)
  • Exploring iTunes U & content | 15 min.  (browse, subscribe, custom app and more – Prezi)
  • What’s the Big Deal about KY iTunes U? | 10 min. (w/ KET) | Contributors Packet & Rubric

Exploring ePub and Resources for creating content: (20 min.)

What’s coming…?

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