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codingThe 2014 KY legislative session brought forth some interesting conversations and debates on adding computer science and coding as a Foreign Language (graduation requirement).  Meeting a graduation requirement is only the beginning… But when you add passion, fun, challenge, problem or project-based learning, etc. – then you have an equation for some impactful learning experiences.  I wrote about that legislative push here.

UPDATE:   So computer science didn’t make it as a foreign language… however, a press release hit the streets yesterday emphasizing Kentucky’s “progressive stance on making computer science count.”  Computer science courses can count as a 4th Mathematics course or an elective science course:

…based on course standards and the teacher of record, a computer science course can qualify as a 4th mathematics course or an elective science course if it involves computational thinking, problem solving, computer programming, and a significant emphasis on the science and engineering practices from the Kentucky Core Academic Standards.

…While not a new policy, KDE’s stand on computer science is being noted as one of many efforts to expand awareness and access to computer science as a way to promote 21st century skills.

The press release can be found here.  It highlights the efforts and recognition from .  Just to be clear, Kentucky’s minimum requirement for graduation is set at only 3 credits of Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, & Geometry).  However, mathematics shall be taken all 4 years of high school.  Also cool to note, a school site base council (SBDM) holds the right to require more than 3 credits of mathematics to graduate – which some schools choose to exercise.

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