Custom Shape Word Clouds “How To” (Data Visualization)


(here is the original image posted to Twitter)

Creating data visualizations with word frequency in a body of text is pretty powerful.  This image I created the other night using Tagxedo sparked the question of: “What’s the easiest way to do that?”  Tagxedo is a lot like Wordle but with a few more custom features.  If you get the concept of word clouds, you’ll have no problems.

Here is the image I used as the outline in Tagxedo. (right click and download).  And here is a quick “How To” video, I whipped up in less than 5 minutes (no retakes, so pardon the “Square” when I meant “rectangle”).

NOTE: In the video, I did not do a great job explaining how to download the image you want to use as the outline in order to use in Tagxedo. (I’d suggest ‘right clicking’ and saving to desktop). 

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