DOs & DON’Ts of Creating Flipped Classroom Video

Multimedia Learning by Richard Mayer

This is a recently created video that is being added to an iTunes U Course myself and a few others are developing.  The course is all about Digital & Blended Learning strategies.  This specific video deals with implementing some research based strategies when creating video for your students.  Call it “Flipped” or call it whatever you want… But teachers are starting to create more and more video content for their students to learn from, when away from the traditional learning space – the classroom.  The point is that we are extending our learning spaces to anytime, everywhere, always on more so today – than ever.

So don’t just create video… Create GREAT video.  The 12 principles used to create these DOs & DON’Ts are from Richard Mayer and the wildly popular Multimedia Learning (2nd Edition) text.

I’d love some feedback on this video… what should I add?  What should I take away?  Is anything distracting… could the examples be better?

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